We are two people who once took a trip for a good long chunk of time.  We used that time to work for room and board at all sorts of farms, ranches and homesteads in western Europe, we picked up a few tricks and ideas and thought "Y'know what?  We could probably do this."

Our story of finding land, developing a design, and building a tiny home can be flipped through in the blog archives if you're ever inclined but more important is the motivation behind putting together this website; to help people realize their own dreams and ambitions and to provide real-world examples and motivation to help them get there.  Whether your goal is to downsize and build a tiny house like we did or just to break out of the nine to five, Monday to Friday grind, it can be done and it can be done well.  

The goal for this site is to exist as a beacon for people looking to get away from the materialistic, the monotonous and the unsatisfying.  We won't do this by posting memes of cliched sayings over backgrounds of oceans so you can check them at your cubicle when no one is looking but by researching and providing access to real, tangible strategies and ideas.  As the site grows, we hope to regularly post brief interviews with people who have gone beyond societal norms to realize their potential so that they can offer some of their own insights as well.

At this point, if you're anything like me, you may be wondering "Sure, but what are you SELLING here?" and I get that.  A pitch like this does typically end with the phrase "Act Now!" but that's not the idea.  Throughout our recent efforts to live a more intentional lifestyle, we have spoken with several friends who have said, "Sounds great, but I couldn't do that."  If we can do it, LITERALLY anyone can.  

You just need to know where to start.