The Tribe

I would love to credit the artist for this but it was the result of a very lucky Google Image search.

I would love to credit the artist for this but it was the result of a very lucky Google Image search.

I spoke with a friend today who I had not spoken with in ages.  Certainly years in real life, although from time to time we touch base online.  Something has felt off lately for me and she put it very accurately into words, telling me everything was fine out her way (east coast Canada) and that nothing is wrong but that she misses her tribe.  I am taking some liberties here because we didn't get too detailed about her definition of tribe and I am sure a lot of this will be my own projections but tribe in this context did not mean family.  It meant friends.  More than just friends, it meant those whose ideals are in line with your own.  It meant those whose opinions you are genuinely interested to learn.  It meant those who get it.

So why, after not being on the website since Christmas, did such an innocuous observation prompt a blog update?  Because I get what she meant.  I sit here and I explain the farm thing to people who ask.  I explain it passionately and from my heart, understanding that as I do, many folks are mentally creating a list of reasons why they have not pursued their own lofty goals.  Hopefully I don't need to explain that I'm not bragging about anything when I say that.  It's just something I've observed in the four years since we moved into a 40 year old camper in a field and started to build a house we had no business building.

And now that home has become something else.  It's a story.  I can look at the wind fence that we built and I remember the day we brought Tucker home.  I see the quonset and remember how we had a party once it was built where I was truly astonished by the number and variety of people who drove all the way out just to wish us well.  There are sad memories as well.  There have been times I've felt hopeless here.  Or trapped.  Or told Erin "If it snows one more time this year, I swear to you I will burn this motherfucker down."  and I can say at the time I meant it. 

However there was something in the description of her Tribe that brought my mind back here.  To the website I started with the hopes of inspiring others to buck the system, reach for the stars, be all you can be... all that fun shit.  But now that's changed too.  I'm no motivator.  There are some people who can draw blood from a stone just by inspiring it.  I am not that guy.  In discussions about ambitions and goals, I have very little patience for excuses and for reasons people just can't.  That said, this place; this website, this property, my time... these are all openly at the disposal of anyone who wants them.  I've made offers to many ultimately uninterested parties that if you have something you want.  Something that eats at the back of your mind when you are trying to sleep.  If you have a drive, and the thing holding you back is money or time, then that is where Alchemy fits.  I submit an open offer to anyone who fits that description and who wants to belong to this Tribe, that you can live here rent free for as long as it takes for you to get where you want to be.  All I ask is that you contribute to chores from time to time.  That's it.  From there, you can pursue whatever it is that speaks to you without fear of making ends meet.

There are many people who read this, to whom it will not apply for a variety of reasons.  For them I wish for nothing but the best and I sincerely hope they have found their own Tribe.  If it is for you however, or if there is a part of you that wants to take a step or two down this path to see where it leads, I encourage you to reach out.

As always, thanks for visiting.