Spring Update

...if you can even call it spring with this snow nonsense!  Actually I can't complain too much, seems we are getting the nicer parts of this weird menopausal weather compared to people to the north of us.  

We have managed to get a good start on a few projects, the garden is almost done (just some fence left to put up and re-raking the rows where the feathered dinos have scratched it up), the Quonset guys have put in the posts that will support the pony wall the Quonset will go on and the yard had been tidied up.  The grow-op is also in full swing and we have kale, asparagus, winter squashes, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and peppers in various cups and containers under the growing lights until they can go outside!  The garden is 4x bigger this year so Mike will be busy with that!  I'm looking forward to helping too, every year we learn a little more.

And of course we are finally ready for the ponies to show up!  This past month we put up gates, got a shelter, water tub, salt lick and our first bale of hay brought over!  As is typical of how things work, I had planned to pick them up tomorrow but with all of this wet weather we decided it would be easier to wait until things dried out a bit to avoid getting a) the trailer stuck in the mud b) the truck stuck in the mud c) the horses stuck in the mud and d) the husband getting stuck in the mud.  Hopefully next week will be nicer, happy birthday to me!

Did I tell you about the ponies?  I think I just mentioned them briefly on Facebook (oh, that reminds me we have an Alchemy Farms Facebook page now so I can put up pictures daily instead of swamping the blog with them!). Anyhow Red, Pinkerton and Lua are our special guests!  They will be staying here until the beginning of October.  Originally we were only getting 2 (Pink and Lua) but Mike found Red and he had to come home with us as well.  I'm hoping to get Pink broke to ride and get lots of groundwork with Lua but Red can't be ridden so he will be a babysitter for the young horses and hopefully he will enjoy getting the velvet petted off his nose because he is a big sweetheart.  I'm nervous.  It still seems insane that horses are coming HERE.  Mike is completely fine and not worried at all.  Mike is also building me a round pen to work them in!  (Again if this weather would smarten up it'd be in progress now!). We picked up some of my horse tack boxes last week (how do I have so much stuff??) and hit a used tack sale where Mike talked me into buying a western saddle (I love it, I hope it fits me and the horses!)


This has been a busy month that's for sure and things show no sign of slowing down.  Oh, we finally got real furniture so our night stands aren't plastic tubs and the TV isn't held up by pieces of flooring nailed to scrap 2x4s (like a bunch of grown ups!). We had also planned to finally install a backsplash for the kitchen but I accidentally melted it (long story) so that was like fate's way of saying "That's a job for future Mike and Erin"...(who will undoubtedly at a later date say "Past Mike and Erin are such lazy bastards!")

Anywhodle...chores beckon me, no rest for the wicked and all that (the birds are on the road and the dogs are eating the calf poops next door because everyone gives mom a hard time when dad is on night shift!!!  Lousy critters...)  I'm hoping my next post will be inviting you to a Quonset warming party!

Bye for now!

Bye for now!