Time vs. Money (Cathartic Projections)

Hi! How's it going? Sorry, I haven't been writing much but I am back now with news and updates but first some thoughts...

So at the beginning of this month a new position opened up with the City (Airdrie). The posting read: “If you are Erin you have most of the skills we are looking for so please apply. You'll make more money and it'll look good on your resume. Also you'd be great at it.” Ok, that might not be the verbatim wording but pretty much. So I applied. And before too long I got a phone call from the person hiring to ask me...Can I do 5 days a week IN OFFICE?

Geez. Wow. Like I knew it'd be 5 days but...away from home? I'd either have to commute or sleep over in Airdrie. Mike would have to do all the farm chores...But that extra cash...Man, we could hire someone to do the Quonset, we could get new wheels for the Boler, Mike has been getting into climbing...I could finance him on a trip to Yosemite for a month...he'd love that! And maybe I could get a horse...I wouldn't see it if I was always in Airdrie but maybe I could board it up there? I could get my hair done! We've been talking about getting new tattoos, now we could afford that! And the experience! It'd look great on my LinkedIn profile! Maybe if I just did this for a year or 2 it'd help me get a job closer to home!...And...and...and...

...And I pretty much just spent all this “extra” money and experienced great career “benefits” in my head before I even got to the interview for the job...so I said yes, I'd commit to 5 days in office if I was selected.

...and Mike and I were happy with that. We chatted for HOURS about how our new normal would be if I got the job. We figured out a system of me coming home on nights he wasn't working and where I'd stay up north on the nights he was. We figured out how we'd spend our down times and how it would effect any vacations we might want to take this year.

...and I got called for an interview last week and I went in and did it...

...and...I found out today I didn't get the job.

...and...I am kind of profoundly relieved.**

I know that is crazy, there were so many pluses for the new job! But in a clarifying moment of “I regret to inform you...” I suddenly realized that my time is a lot more valuable than any extra cash.

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour chopping wood for my wood stove. Today at lunch I rode horses. Tomorrow is the first day of my 4 day weekend. I'll go ride again, then climbing, then a concert, then a family event and then I'll still have another day off. And every day I'll spend time with my best friend in the world (Mike, not the chickens). Either result would have been “good” (primarily because I don't believe in “bad news” much like the tortoise in Kung Fu Panda) and we would make the best of it but I'm happy it went the way it did.

I (we) also decided we were in a bit of a holding pattern here at the farm. Nothing here was really progressing, we had a few future plans but nothing to be excited about. So in my newfound wave of forward momentum we decided to go ahead and just get the stupid Quonset built! No waiting to “save up money”...so we have to take a little out of our savings but I believe you have to invest in yourself some times and money just happens. Today I'm also going to start learning about fostering a rescue horse and I told Mike to make a plan for our summer road trip. It might not be a month long and we might just eat oranges and ramen noodles but it will be an adventure!

And now for the pictures updates!

Yes...it's finally happening!

Yes...it's finally happening!

Dad and Pup Yoga.  If I worked away from home I'd miss things like this!

Mom and I celebrated Sam's birthday.  A before and after.  Mike told me to go to bed after I sent the second one.  (Because I had a job interview the next day...ooh...)

A view of a chinook, the cows have returned to the back 40, the chickens playing in the mud, I think one is holding a mouse.

Chicken Montage! Sprouted grains, new boots, "stay out of the damn car", sharing a watermelon with the puppy, not wearing the proper protective gear for the job site, coop cleaning means fertilizer for the shelter belt.

Getting ready for a barrel clinic, Hubby making valentines day pizza, our seed order arrived!

Ok I think that's all for now!  I'm sure I've missed stuff but hey, at least it's an update!

Cheers from the Farm!


**Ok, in the interest of complete honesty I kind of thought I was a shoo-in so when he said “Obviously you know the interview didn't go well” I was a bit taken aback but live and learn. From now on I will use strictly blackmail or bribery to get jobs, no more interviews!