Cool Down

...and just like that...SUMMER IS OVER!

...or at least it feels that way with the leaves turning yellow and cold overcast couple of days.  But the weather is supposed to be nice on the weekend so chore weather isn't over yet!  (Mike will be ecstatic to hear that ha ha.)

My last update was back in July so let me try and think of where the last few months have gone!

Hmm...well we've gotten the Boler out a bunch!  First a chilly group camp for the July long weekend, then a week long trip out to meet friends in Kookanusa (such nice weather!) and another chilly weekend in Waterton for September long.  Sam as usual had a great time camping.  Tucker did too as long as he didn't have to wear his "dog bra".  (His refusal to tolerate a collar lead us to buying him a very uncool harness.). When dog bra was employed he spent most of the time sulking under picnic tables or accidentally singeing off his ear fur beside the campfire.  He did have his cute moments though and many families we ran into on the trip were forced to buy their children puppies after they spent their weekends playing with him.

Island Lake near the BC border.  Sam, Tuck, Mike and even I did a lot of swimming on this trip!

Island Lake near the BC border.  Sam, Tuck, Mike and even I did a lot of swimming on this trip!

...and frankly, it was exhausting!

...and frankly, it was exhausting!

We are still helping out on harvest days every week though I think this is the last week for those since it's getting so cold at night.  Mike expanded his own garden 4x this week so we'll be ready to plant big time next spring!  He got some pretty cute pumpkins in time for Halloween!

The chickens are enjoying the fall weather and still getting out to have dust baths in the mole hills.  We bought a trap so hopefully there will be less mole hills soon!  We designed new feeders for the chickens and are going to install some insulation for them soon.  We also just found out that we'll be keeping the neighbors' chickens over winter.  And yes, that means I finally have a reason to buy CHICKEN CHARMS!!!!

Mike finished all our fencing and it looks AMAZING!!!  It's so exciting to see our land become more than just a house in a field.  Plus pony shopping in spring ;).

Our drainage is fixed now!  Woohoo!  Mike and our excavator got trenches/weeping tile/gravel pits dug and filled in so now hopefully no more sinkholes.  However we are back to square one as far as grass so it's a bit muddy out there.  Mike bought us some grass seed though so we'll be putting that out before snow falls.

Only one outside project left...I'll give you a hint...starts with a "Q"!

We have found time to do some fun things.  I've been able to ride a bit and Mike found a friend to practice jujitsu with at the local school.  Should be a fun fall!  (I'm trying a carousel effect, so click the below picture to cycle through...)

I've been getting my domestic on lately so I have the root veggies stored, salsas made and I tried that fireball whiskey pumpkin pie recipe that's floating around on facebook.  It's pretty good but make sure you half it.


Alright...that's all for now!