Farm Update in 25 (but actually more like 30) Pictures

Hi again,

I've been procrastinating about this entry a bit.  Spring/summer here has been insanely busy with the whole wind fence/chickens/painting classes/road trip/cheese making/mead making/mead botching/mead repairing/Thirsty Acres volunteering.  So Erin suggested just doing an update in photos this week.  She suggested 25 but I'm bad at eliminating pictures, so it's really around 30.

Oh and on a side note, we were inspired at the Mother Earth News Fair in Oregon so we're building a Tiny House Transition course that will deal a bit more with the emotional and mental preparations and strategies for downsizing, as well as some strategies for building if you are not already a professional builder or handyman.  So keep an eye out for some teasers.  There's a very good chance I'll throw some sections on here and hassle you guys for feedback.

Anyway, enough of that for now.  On with the slideshow!

That's it for now.  Sorry for the lack of comments, this is the first time I've used this format to post photos and I wasn't able to make them work.  I feel I should explain the foot-gunk ones though.  That was at the conference.  Erin and I signed up for a (in my mind questionable) procedure where they dropped your feet in some salt water and charged the ions to draw out all the toxins and whatnot.  Different gunk meant different health issues and you could bring this gadget home for only 1000 dollars!  Anyway, it was a neat experience but Oregon is like 90% breweries so any toxins that were zapped away were promptly replenished later that day.

Thanks again for visiting and have a great week!