A Welcome Distraction

Happy Sunday!
This week has been a really great week for writing.  I put together an article I'm very proud of to be featured on nabalo.com in the next couple weeks and was starting the outline for a post on peoples' perception of the passage of time and the idea of "the good old days" for this site when something much more exciting came into our lives that I thought might be a more fun read this week

Meet Tucker!

The most recent addition to Alchemy farm came to us from Erin Stauffer; a very talented riding instructor who we took lessons with last year.  Her dog had a litter of 9 and Tucker was the last of the bunch.  So far he's been great and even Sam's taking a shine to him (as long as he isn't getting too close to Erin!)

Sam has decided puppies make excellent pillows.

Sam has decided puppies make excellent pillows.

Tucker is an 8 week old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler cross and he's doing a great job getting settled in so far.  Look for him in future posts as I'm sure he'll be getting into some trouble out here.  Here are a few more photos for now.  I've got a puppy to play with, so we'll be back again next Sunday.  Have a great week!