Merry Christmas from The Farm!

Good morning and happy last-week-before-Christmas! First things first, we are going to change the blog post format a little. As some of you might have noticed, we didn't put anything up this past Thursday. We decided that 2-3 posts a week is a little much to create and a lot to ask you to keep checking. We put a great deal of effort into this blog and ideally we'd like to create an environment that encourages discussions and hopefully even lay the groundwork to build a community around simplifying and the realization of life goals. The last thing we would want to become is an irritating presence on your Facebook feed, posting several times a week.

So moving forward we'll publish once a week, on Mondays. Some will be discussion topics as we've been doing on Thursdays, some will be farm updates from Erin and starting in the new year we'll also be putting up some of the “8 Questions” interviews we've collected in the past couple of months where we get in touch with people from all over who have made some unconventional life choices for the sake of following a dream and ask them the same 8 questions:

-Was there a catalyst for your lifestyle shift?
-When did you decide to pursue a more deliberate lifestyle?
-How did family and friends react to your decision?
-What was the hardest thing to sacrifice to get you to where you are now?
-What is your favorite aspect of your more deliberate lifestyle?
-Describe a typical day before your change.
-Were there any financial implications to leaving your previous lifestyle?
-Describe some of your current projects as well as any that you may be trying out in the near future.

It's going to be an exciting new year at Alchemy Farms. I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to those of you who have followed us to this point. I wish you all the best over this Christmas season and I hope you're making plans to get after your own dreams in 2016!