December 14th Monday Motivation

Happy Monday and welcome to another Monday Motivation post.  Today's Watch/Read/Listen items focus on the idea of re-evaluating lifestyle and the pursuit of goals that could be perceived as unorthodox.  Christmas is a great time to take stock of changes you want to make and today's content looks at people who have made changes outside the norm.  It sounds cliche because it's true; nothing is impossible.



Okay, yes this is technically a commercial and Erin and I are of differing opinions about whether this guy actually sticks the landing at the end.  I'm not even sure if the footage is real but the thing I really love about it is imagining the reactions this guy would have gotten telling people he was filming a ski commercial in the fall.  Real or not, it's a fun one to start the week.



Quick article about a really interesting Jersey couple who decided to pack up and sail around the world six months ago despite limited sailing experience.  This comes from The Roosevelts; a men's lifestyle website that posts a weekly Yoga Pants Thursday gallery, so it focuses a little too much on them being pretty people.  Still though.  An impressive undertaking! 
(Just click the image below to link to the article)



Okay cards on the table, this week's "Listen" content is a country song.  Normally I'm not a huge country fan but this song came on the radio a year and a half ago, the first time Erin and I went out and met with a realtor to start looking for a place to build the farm.  If you can get past the country-ness of it, it sends a really liberating message about leaving behind stress and clutter.



This week, Erin felt we should see this donkey in a hammock... hang on... I can tie that into this week's theme...
Oh!  This is how relaxed we could all feel if we took that first step toward an unorthodox goal.  Okay yeah, that was a little clunky but whatever.  Here's a donkey hanging out in a hammock.  Have a great week!