Monday Motivation

Welcome to another Monday Motivation post!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you're starting to think about Christmas a bit.  If you haven't started shopping yet (and why would you?  It's not even December.) and you don't already do this,  you should try doing all your shopping online this year.  It's much easier, you have access to a wider range of gift ideas and most importantly, you you can do it without pants at 11:00 after a couple of cocktails.   Just a little stress-relief idea for the day.  Now, on to the post!



I know I posted a housing solution last week but this is a really great idea that they're going to test out in Austin in 2016.  If this were to take off, it could really economize and simplify moving between cities.  Thanks a bunch to Jesse James Burton for sending it to me:



Super positive article about an Alberta kid who was granted a Rhodes Scholarship a couple of days ago.  Seems to be a really down to earth guy who is intentionally avoiding a lot of the drama that can be associated with a First Nations news story.  Thanks to Dani Edgar for posting:



This is an old Louis CK bit I stumbled across again this week that made me laugh.  Maybe not motivational per se, but he's always great at bringing some perspective.  Super NSFW by the way!



Early on this week, Erin sent me this video of "a kangaroo who loves hugs!" and she thought it would be a good thing to start everyone's week.  I can't say I disagree.

Alright then, that's it for today.  Thanks again for checking in.  Come back Thursday for part 2 of our post on Streamlining.  

Have a great week!