Monday Motivation

Welcome to the first of many Monday Motivation posts.  These will take a "Watch This, Read This, Listen to This" format and will hopefully help get you focused and positive to start the week!



A quick promo video from a growing list of sports I didn't realize Red Bull sponsors.  Croatia is a really great place to travel if you can get there and - not to brag - but if you replace "professional athlete exploring breathtaking natural formation" with "woefully unprepared couple drinking inexpensive wine and shoveling horse poop", we have pretty much done exactly this.



The Dirtbag Diaries is a great place to visit to get intentionally motivated.  Fitz Cahall assembles stories from all sorts of athletes, wilderness enthusiasts and beer drinkers and assembles them artfully into a really fun podcast.  This one in particular was relevant for me this week.  With the house complete and several different options opening up, it's important sometimes to just pick a lane and stick to it rather than being overwhelmed.  

It's a fifteen minute podcast, so throw on your headphones at your desk this morning and give it a listen:



This article describes a really interesting housing solution that seems very do-able, although unorthodox.  Even if it turns out to be impractical though, it's a good reminder to always look around you and think "How could this be done better?"



And now the part where I get Erin to post whatever the hell she wants.  This week it's a video of a chameleon popping bubbles.  Have a great week!