Erin and I discovered we are most comfortable writing about Sam, and we're actually pretty terrible at describing ourselves, so we went to and picked ten questions to ask each other.  Because what better way to get to know someone than by recommendation of a random Google search!



Would You Rather...

  • Travel by plane, train, or automobile?
    I guess train.  I'm getting to be an old wuss so I don't like turbulence and you can't be asleep in a car and have a Hungarian border patrolman bust in and demand to see your passport.  Or your feet if the border guy is from Thailand*.  What fun is there if your don't have a story afterwards?
  • Camp in an RV or stay in a tent?
    RV.  Of course.  Once you have stayed in an RV why would anyone ever go back to tenting? Plus I hold strong feelings about RVs after living in the camper for 6 months while we built the house.  Sometimes when I go back to it to get something I miss her a little.
  • Play dodgeball or kickball?
    Dodgeball.  In grade 1 I was usually the last person standing...because no one noticed me.  Kickball seems like it takes some amount of athletic skill and coordination (ie: not Erin's jam.)
  • Swim in a pool or the ocean?
    The sea!  Though sometimes it gives me panic attacks because I don't know whats beneath me (I'm usually fairly confident its the gaping maw of a Paleocene shark rising up from the depths to swallow me whole.)  Though I am fine if I remember goggles so I can see in the water.  In retrospect the addition of goggles would not halt the swallowing...
  • Go to the theater or a movie?
    A movie.  Particularly if it was any movie made between 1992 and 1997 and stared an action hero.  Actually if they made a musical of "The Running Man" that would literally be the greatest thing I had ever seen in my entire life.


Okay, now...

  • If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
    That is a tough one!  At the risk of sounding like a complete douchebag I'm pretty much doing what I want right now.  When I want to travel, I travel.  When I want to build a tiny house, I build.  Right now I am learning how to build a barn, put up fencing and on days I'm not doing that I ride fancy show horses all day.  (I should probably get a real job soon.)  On top of all that every day I come home to my best friend.
    If this question was actually asking what I wanted to do right THIS second though...I think I'd be happier if I was eating a pizza.  I really love pizza.
  • What is your favorite book?
    White Oleander.  I always identified with it.  Though I've changed a bit so maybe that's not as true anymore!
  • If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
    Honestly I wouldn't go back.  Some eras seem glamorous or exciting...but most were pretty shitty if you were a girl then.
  • How would your friends describe you?
    I hope they would say "nice" (after devastatingly hilarious, beautiful, brilliant and modest to a fault).  I think its important to always be a good person.  But I guess that isn't really the question, its more what would THEY say....hmmm...I have no idea!  I hope it's not "smells like cheese and wet medical supplies."  
  • If you were to create a piece of art, what would the subject be?
    I'd like to one day finally paint a canola field under stormy skies.  I know that's weirdly specific but i have been attempting it for years and just cant get the tones right.  Something about that image just sticks in my brain!

    *To be fair, I do have amazing feet.



Would You Rather...

  • Have a Margarita or Pina Colada?  
    I think Pina Colada.  They always mean you're on vacation.  Margaritas can just mean you've made some terrible life choices and found yourself at Chili's.
  • Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat?
    House boat for sure.  I have the entirely unrealistic expectation that I could just live on my house boat, float off to somewhere new when I get bored and eventually be recruited by Gene Hackman to be a professional quarterback when all the league players go on strike.
  • Play dodgeball or kickball?
    Kickball.  I'm a complete pansy about things flying at my face. 
    Legit, this is me playing dodgeball:


  • Go climbing or zip lining?
    I've only been zip lining once when Erin and I started dating, but it was super fun.  I think I'd like to try it again.
  • Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
    Get a hotel.  I'm a grown-up and this isn't college.


Okay, Now...

  • Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?
    Morocco I think.  Love the food, really like the architecture, and I think it would be easy to find a Raiders of the Lost Ark-type treasure hunting situation.  It's become apparent in answering these questions that less of my worldly outlooks should be informed by fictional movies.  
    Huh.  31 and always learning...
  • What has been your biggest challenge?
    Staying positive throughout the downsizing process and the tiny house build.  It was a difficult process in itself and it would have been super easy to let negativity spiral when a few things didn't go as planned.  Thankfully, I had the most positive person on the planet helping me through it.
  • If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
    NOT Medieval times!  Sure, it looks cool on Game of Thrones and in video games, but "Guy Who Cleans Poop Out of Armor" was a job then.  Did you know that?  Because those guys were basically riveted into their suits, they would just drop a deuce and keep fighting!  Gross.
  • What does your life say about you?
    That I am very fortunate and very obstinate.  
  • Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?
    Survivorman.  The obvious answer of course is Erin, but I've never seen her find fresh water in the desert or cook a squirrel.  So yeah.  Survivorman.


Sam didn't get to answer questions because all of his answers are either groaning, burping or leaving the room so we let him go with a different format.

Name: Sam Pancake Rehmann

Occupation: Dog,  Alchemy Farms Mascot,  Casual Mouser.

Likes: Cheese, whatever you are eating, bluterus, neck scratching, introducing himself to people you would rather not have to meet,  like the meth-y looking folks outside a 7-11 at 10:30pm on a Tuesday.

Dislikes: Smelling fresh, loud noises, being out of line-of-sight while dad is eating a steak.

Best Friend: Bluterus.

Nemesis: Vacuum cleaners tied with middle aged women jogging past our house.

Most Annoying Habit: Constant midnight mouth-sounds.

Most Endearing Trait: Well... his grandmas like him.